Content Creation

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As a former PR manager, courseware developer, freelance writer, and current writing and rhetoric professor, my abilities range

  • from the technical to the creative

  • within web to print mediums

  • for commercial to nonprofit clients


My work projects vary in form but always share attention to detail and on time delivery.

  • press releases

  • newsletter columns

  • magazine articles

  • profiles and reviews

  • long and short form blog posts

  • web site copy

  • brochures

  • business letters

  • grants

Request samples, get a free quote, or inquire about a project.





"Shannon provided content for the Charlotte Mecklenburg County Digital Branch that was insightful, interesting and appropriate to the content request.  I discovered her while looking at local business schools for guest contributors for the College and Career section of the branch. She was recommended to me by a colleague. Her response to my inquiry was prompt and decisive.  Within two weeks of initial contact, we had an article ready for publication.  I would highly recommend Shannon Blair for delivering articles that are timely and leave the reader happy they read it."


Professional Editing

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Your words = Your image

Allow me to help you connect with potential or current clients.


Perhaps you are job hunting instead and need a way to set yourself apart as the optimal candidate.

Wherever you are in your career trajectory, the way you express yourself or a company matters. 

Is your message

  • Clear?

  • Concise?

  • Compelling?

  • Credible?

Let's find out. What is your professional writing need?





"Shannon is a crucial business partner. She has helped me refine my business messages, clean up syntax and grammatical errors, and develop my writing style. I sold enterprise cloud solutions for Oracle and now run my own commercial insurance agency operating across the southeast. Professional communication is paramount. In both roles, I consulted Shannon. She is quick to respond and very easy to work with. Also the more I worked with Shannon, the more she understood my clients and my business. That is important in comparison to a large company where you submit an email or blog for someone in another country to review. You may have a different person review your writing each time you submit. I recommend Shannon for business communication review. If you are sending an email, drafting a letter, creating website copy, etc., you will want a professional like her to review your content."











"Working with Shannon has not only benefited my writing but allowed me to grow in my profession as a Marketing Coordinator. Her personable nature, willingness to strategize, and her ability to provide thought provoking edits allow me to expand my capabilities in a professional and friendly setting. Working with Shannon has been an amazing experience, and I recommend her to anyone looking to grow their writing and their career."





Academic Writing Instruction

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Since 2001, I have been teaching English and tutoring. My students have taught me much about writing over these twenty years.

  1. It is a layered approach.

  2. Targeted, constructive feedback helps most.

  3. Growth--even when seeming impossible--is possible.

  4. All writers have stories to tell and unique ways to do so. They just may need help finding the way.

  5. Grammar will always matter.

Being a writer myself, I know how difficult the process can be; however, I also know how to guide high school and college students toward drafts that showcase:

  • significant and focused messages

  • interesting, fluid structure

  • balanced paragraph development

  • memorable expression

  • attention to audience

  • grasp of editing fundamentals

  • thorough proofreading

I won't say it for them, but I will help them say it effectively their way. This strategy empowers them to write well in whatever situation they find themselves later.

Can I assist? Ready to learn more?


Quick Tip: Jump start on college essays the summer before senior year and aim to have them off your plate well before Thanksgiving!





"Professor Blair is among very few professors who can make learning fun. She was the only English professor who instilled in me the valiance to write creatively. It helped me receive three scholarships and admission to Queens University of Charlotte. She always impressed me with her zeal. Her ability to improve my writing as a second language learner facilitated my academic experience in college. She taught me the importance of free writing and unfettered access to my creativity with the writing process to help me start expressing my ideas and thoughts on paper. It replaced the seriousness of academic collegiate writing with a nuance of humor and playfulness to make writing fun, not a daunting task."





"Shannon is a knowledgeable, experienced, caring professor who conscientiously attempts to help her students develop the skills needed to become college-level writers. Her assignments are thoughtful and creative, and she is fair in her judgment. In the past she also tutored in the college's Writing Center where she offered guidance to students from around the world in improving their individual writing processes and products. Shannon is highly adaptable and professional in all her endeavors."


Creative Writing Consultation

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So you have an idea? What to do, what to do...

Or maybe you have a full manuscript ready for the query!

I have been and am in the trenches with you as a creative writer. What a daunting and lonely place that can be.

Knowing how to navigate the publishing industry takes time, and someone to share drafts with can hone your craft.

On top of my collection of rejections lies my first ever published work. The year was 2004, and it paid $400. It was an article about how scrap booking can connect step families (for the now-extinct Memory Makers Magazine).


I still get jitters thinking about that acceptance letter. My writing actually mattered to real readers, not just my husband. Oh, happy day!

Since then, I've had other work published; but, more importantly, I've learned this:


I write, right where I am--whether for publication or just myself, whether it's merely a cookbook for my family or an important feature on parenting or professional insights. I wrapped my first blog in 2016 and had a blast! I'm back at it with articles and fiction now.

Do you need guidance to reach your writing goals--whatever they look like? I'm an extra set of eyes and ears at the ready.

Elizabeth West.jfif






"Shannon is a rare blend of person - full of warmth, yet incredibly efficient.  When I needed help developing my story for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Shannon gave me detailed, timely and insightful feedback to make my work better.  Shannon and I have been colleagues and friends for over 10 years.  As a fellow professor and friend, Shannon is the nurturer – supporting everyone to help them achieve their goals.  She is dedicated to her students, but she also nurtures her colleagues.  She directs our part-time faculty support at Central Piedmont, and these instructors have never been so informed and encouraged.  At a recent staff meeting, she gave me the nicest, very visible, shout-out which showed how much she cares about inspiring and valuing people.  Shannon is not only top in her field, but she is someone who can coach you to be your best as well."